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Nos engagements Ysé

SINCE 2012


At Ysé, we are a team of women aware of the challenges posed by the textile industry.
When we talk about textile challenges, we talk about major environmental issues. But also about societal concerns about fair working conditions.

From day one, we've set ourselves the mission of doing better, season after season, not to simply tick boxes, but because we deeply believe in it. We believe in it as a company, and we believe in it as individuals.
A strong commitment to our customers, to our suppliers, and to society as a whole, to do things consciously.



Climate & biodiversity

When it comes to textiles, environmental issues are paramount.
From day one, every one of our choices has been guided by a collective awareness of the need to do better. This means doing as much as possible to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and products, and fully controlling the value chain.

This season, 90% of our collection is more responsible.

In other words, our collection is made from certified recycled fibres, certified organic fibres, fibres made in France, upcycled fibres or fibres from eco-managed forests.

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Climate & biodiversity


Circularity & sustainability

To not throw away something beautiful. That is what we call circularity, but we prefer to call it a necessity.

We do our utmost to ensure that our products remain in your hands for as long as possible, or are passed from hand to hand.
But we need your help, to ensure that, in your hands, our products stay as beautiful as possible, for as long as possible.

Since the launch of our Acte II upcycled collection, over 30,000 upcycled items have been created.

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Circularity & sustainability



For us, there can be no commitment without a social and societal commitment. For our team of women, who proclaim loud and clear their strong conviction of having body at heart, and who make free lingerie rhyme with financial freedom for all, our motto is: to create "good", each person must be respected.

100% of our workshops are audited for the protection of workers' rights, with the requirement of a good or very good rating.

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Frequently asked questions

Our fabrics

Our choice of fabrics is guided by :

  • Their feel, their finesse, i.e. their beauty,
  • Their impact on the environment: composition, place of manufacture and durability.
  • Their price.

Whenever possible, we always opt for more responsible materials, i.e. recycled, French, certified or upcycled fibers.

This season, 90% of our collections are made from more responsible materials.
And we aim to have 95% more responsible products by 2025.

We prefer to talk about more responsible materials, i.e. those with a lower impact on the environment than conventional materials. A material always has an impact on the environment.

This season, 90% of our collections are made from more responsible materials, distributed as follows:

  • Recycled fibers: 42%
  • French fabrics: 26%
  • Organic cottons: 10%.
  • Upcycled materials: 5%
  • Responsible viscose: 4%
  • Responsible wool: 4%

Our goal is to achieve 95% more responsible products by 2025.

Because we can: we've opted for close import.

All our fabrics, accessories and elastics are made in Europe or around the Mediterranean basin. The farthest we go is Turkey.

In 2022, we decided to collaborate with Fairly Made on the traceability of the majority of our products, to go even further, right down to the place where our fabrics are woven. And tomorrow, to the place where the yarn is produced.

Thanks to Fairly Made, we make sure that every stage of the known value chain respects our commitment to close import, and we demonstrate it to you. When this is not the case, we initiate discussions with suppliers to make the situation evolve.

Organically grown cotton is free from synthetic products (pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers) and GMOs.

Recycled polyester is derived mainly from recycled plastic bottles, thus preserving non-renewable resources and reducing waste.

Recycled polyamide is mainly derived from production offcuts, thus preserving non-renewable resources and reducing waste.

At Ysé, the more responsible viscose we use for our clothing is either Tencel or ECOVERO®.

Both of these viscose variants are created from wood pulp from sustainably managed forests, certified FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Pan European Forest Certification).

So what's the difference between Tencel and ECOVERO®?
Both Tencel and ECOVERO® are artificial materials, i.e. they are derived from natural raw materials and manufactured using a chemical treatment.

Tencel, also known as Lyocell:

  • Uses a 99.77% recovered non-toxic solvent (renewable raw materials of natural origin: plant, animal or mineral),
  • Has a closed-loop production process where materials and water are constantly recycled, purified and/or reused.

ECOVERO® has a closed-circuit production process certified by the European ECO LABEL.

Our ateliers

99% of our products are made in Europe or around the Mediterranean basin.

We have always worked with the best partners, as close to us as possible, in Morocco and Tunisia, for their tailoring expertise, in Portugal, for their exceptional cotton work, and in Bulgaria and Romania, for garments that fit to perfection.

Our only exception is the manufacture of our baskets (less than 1% of our products). We work with a workshop in Madagascar to make the most of their unrivalled craftsmanship, which of course respects our environmental and social requirements.

To date, 100% of our factories have passed a social audit and received a good or very good rating according to BSCI, WCA, SMETA or ICS standards.

These audits enable us to ensure that working conditions in our partner factories are beyond reproach, and that safety is guaranteed.

Should a partner fail to achieve a score consistent with our requirements, and in the absence of intolerable non-conformities (forced labor, child labor, violence, serious endangerment of workers, etc.), we work with them to help them improve and repeat the audit, with the aim of achieving the required standard.

Circularity and sustainability

Since the summer of 2022, we've been working with the association H.A.W.A au féminin to enable you to sell your swimwear and buy unique pieces that have already had a first life (or several).

This team of women in social reintegration take care of the laundering, invisible repairs and hand embroidery of your swimwear.

The result: since 2022, 727 of your swimsuits have had a second life, and that's just the beginning.

So as not to lose anything and to sublimate everything, each season we create at least one upcycled collection called Acte II, created from dormant fabrics from old collections.

Since the launch of Acte II, over 9,000 upcycled items have been created.

Sustainability begins with the choice of materials and manufacturing facilities. We strive to create products that last over time, using the most durable fabrics possible.

But we also need your help to ensure their long life.

Much of a garment's impact and longevity depends on washing and caring for your pieces between wears, so we're sharing our tips on how to look after them.

And if one of our products no longer appeals to you, we've created Seconde Vie to help you pass it from hand to hand.

We've always taken it to heart to do our part to break away from the smoothed-out, normative representation of women by promoting diversity in all its forms:

  • We don't retouch our models' bodies,
  • We choose models with different morphologies, complexions and ages. This season, our models ranged from 80A to 100E and from 36 to 44.
  • We regularly speak out to break down taboos around women's concerns.

Ysé goes beyond the trend... these fundamentals are our original and enduring values.

We are also committed to supporting women's entrepreneurship beyond the confines of the company through associations such as Rêv'elles and H.A.W.A au féminin.

Lastly, we have signed the Parental Act: a project designed to implement concrete, simple measures in the workplace to enable everyone to pursue their careers with peace of mind at every stage of parenthood.

And because it's not a detail for us, our 100% female team is made up of strong, passionate women who support each other and move forward with collective intelligence.

For several years now, we have been committed to 2 associations with the aim of supporting women's entrepreneurship beyond the confines of the company.

With Rêv'elles, we provide financial support and mentoring to young girls aged 14 to 20 to help them achieve professional and personal fulfillment. So that every young girl, whatever her social background, can dream, choose and take charge of her own life.

With H.A.W.A au féminin and our Seconde vie project, we are helping to reintegrate women who are far removed from the job market. They are trained to break social isolation and gain autonomy and financial independence thanks to a unique project in favor of sustainable development.