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La veste déperlante

What we were looking for in our first rain jacket : good water repellency, as ethically as possible.

To do this, we turned to a fabric supplier who regularly designs activewear, and who therefore knew a thing or two about outdoor clothing.

Veste à capuche L'eau vive Fauve EN

We chose this light fabric with a special primer for fast drying.

And to ensure breathability, the jacket features an inward-opening flap with a mesh fabric.

This means that it does not create a dome effect, which would cause us to overheat in our parka even in the drizzle.

The label

Recycled water-repellent Polyester
French fabric
Made in Europe

Veste à capuche L'eau vive Fauve et Pantalon Balade d'automne Carreau Argentique
Veste à capuche L'eau vive Fauve et Veste polaire sans manche Douce aventure Carreau Tom


Fleece jacket

This much wool (55% upcycled wool) is uncommon in a fleece jacket, as polyester fleeces are easier to find : we wanted ours to feel like a cocoon.

Veste polaire Douce aventure EN

The wool is very interesting : the plain version is made from recycled wool, but this is not the case for the wool fibres that make up the coloured parts of the checked fleece. When the fibres are recycled, they are sometimes loaded with other fibres and colours that detract from the beautiful unity of the solid colour. It's still possible to find a few unexpected fibres: it's inherent in the living material that is wool!

Whether you choose it sleeveless, to keep your heart warm, or with sleeves, both shapes have been designed to allow your arms to move with ease.

Perfect for layering over your outfit for a nice, warm walk.

The label

Italian fabric
55% recycled wool
30% polyester


Water-repellent set

We fell in love with this water-repellent fabric, perfect for coping with light rain and the famous autumn drizzles.

Surchemise Pantalon Balade d'automne Carreau EN

This fabric is very new for Ysé.

This thicker fabric has a firmer, "crunchy" feel that gives it a roomy effect, designed to be layered with other garments.

Freedom of movement for your hikes or bike rides. And nice and warm.

The label

Portuguese water-repellent fabric
50% cotton
50% polyester

Surchemise et Pantalon Balade d'automne Carreau et Brassière Nouveau monde Kaki et Bonnet Bonnie Bleu roi Argentique


Wool beanies

Ysé's first wool accessory is a soft cocoon. Its slightly wide English rib weave creates a very vintage look that we love for its sophisticated simplicity.

The blend of kid mohair and alpaca, two wools renowned for their softness and adaptability to heat, makes this beanie a cocoon.

Bonnet Bonnie EN

Kid mohair
Kid mohair is a wool from Angora goats, a delicate wool renowned for its unique softness. Its special feature is that it adapts to temperature variations, keeping you warm in winter and cool in warmer weather.

Alpaca fibers
Alpaca is a soft, light, wavy and warm fibre derived from llama fleece.

Alpaca knitting wool comes in 3 qualities: baby alpaca, with the finest fibre, super fine alpaca, with a slightly thicker fibre, and alpaca made from the softer hair of adult animals.

Baby alpaca and super fine alpaca, whose hair is between 15 and 25 microns, rival cashmere and mohair for softness.

The label

Italian fabric
55% recycled wool
30% polyester

Bonnet Bonnie Bleu roi
Bonnet Bonnie Beige chiné et Sweat Nouvelle harmonie Vanille et Pantalon Balade d'automne Carreau Argentique