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Our party bodysuits

Ysé Body Autour de sa taille Noir
Autour de sa taille Bodysuit
Ysé Body Regards effrontés Noir
Regards effrontés Bodysuit
Ysé Body Comme une ombre Noir
Comme une ombre Bodysuit
Ysé Body Souffle envoutant Noa Noir
Souffle envoûtant Bodysuits Noa

Ysé Corbeille L'aurore Ivoire


To please (yourself)

Together we share the most intimate thing: our body. This shell that contains all our life and translates all its upheavals. Since 2012, Ysé creates collections to make our bodies look and feel glorious, without cheating or using tricks. Our lingerie in a few words : designs as beautiful and as true to who you are.

Designed by women, for all women from AA to E cup, Ysé invites you to look at yourself with tenderness and to consider your body as a force that creates freedom. We carry this belief in our thoughts and in our hearts, and hope that you feel it in our collections, in our images, in our words.

Des lignes aussi belles que fidèles à ce que vous êtes - Ysé

Ysé Corbeille L'aurore Noir
Ysé Bandeau La nuit tombe et Corbeille L'aurore Noir Duo
Ysé Corbeille foulard Matin bleu Rouge rubis

Ysé Triangle Crépuscule Gris cendre

The Perfect fit

A tailor-made approach that will guarantee you the ideal fit. This desire to liberate and soothe the body is expressed in the specific attention we give to fittings.

At first designed only for small cup sizes, Ysé now offers bras in AA, A, B, C, D and E cups. From this desire to fit all body types also resulted an important requirement that we always try to fulfill : to be able to offer models without padding or molded shells, in each cup size, with designs as flattering as they are comfortable.

That is also why our designs are not quite the same in AA cups as they are in E cups: we alter the proportions, the back, the linings, the width of straps, so that every one of you can be beautifully supported in a bra without padding.

En cabine avec Clara


Amandine, Marine, Florence, Charlotte...

Ysé is a brand inspired by women, for women. Clara, the founder has by her side a small team of women aiming for excellence who have the female body at heart. We are all driven by the same dream: to continuously progress and grow, to surprise you and make you feel all the more beautiful.

With our different body shapes and our different life experiences, we can share our innermost desires. We try all our products before introducing them to you because we want to be as demanding about the products we sell as we are about the ones we wear.

Because we have learned everything by ourselves, steadily and with passion, what we offer you today is really what we do best, and we also firmly believe that we will keep improving. The best is yet to be written, with you.

A story of women, for women. 


We are driven by the same desire to do well at every stage: by imagining collections that are more respectful of the environment, by working with partners who share our human and social values, by communicating with you in a transparent way on what we are doing and on what we still have to do.

Nos engagements EN
Nos engagements EN
Nos engagements EN
Nos engagements EN
Ysé grows with you
YSé Top bustier La nuit tombe Noir
Ysé Mood
Ysé Corbeille Shorty Crépuscule Marron Tonka
Ysé Corbeille Culotte Crépuscule Gris cendre et Corbeille Culotte L'aurore Ivoire Duo

Ysé creates itself with you and for you.
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