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To limit the ecological impact of our package, we choose to send you only the essentials: your products delicately wrapped in tissue paper, your delivery note and that is it!

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Ardeurs folles Underwired triangle bra
Amour infini Triangle bra
Ardeurs folles Thong
Vertige amoureux triangle bra

Ysé Corbeille foulard Culotte Matin bleu Bleu marine
Ysé Corbeille foulard Culotte Matin bleu Bleu marine


Doing the right thing, acting with common sense, has always motivated us at Ysé.

"When I started Ysé, we were making such small quantities that we didn't have access to new materials from suppliers. So we asked them for their end of stocks. We didn't call it 'circularity' or 'upcycling'."
Clara for the podcast À la bien.

As time goes by, we learn to better master the various topics of eco-responsibility, by informing ourselves, by working hand in hand with our historical suppliers and by making choices that engage us all within the company.

This season, 79% of our products are more responsible and by 2023, we are aiming for 80% for our lingerie and 100% for our swimwear.

Together, we are committed to achieve that.


Each season we try to source our materials from a nearby area:

Calais lace, French jacquard, Swiss embroidery or Italian microfibers: some of our beautiful materials come from the most beautiful French or European workshops.

When they come from "far away", they come from Turkey at the most.

Finally, only some fancy braids or buckle accessories (suspenders adjusters, clasps) are purchased from French suppliers who source their raw materials from Asia.

Ysé Triangle String Matin bleu Noir

More environmentally friendly alternatives

In order to offer you the most environmentally friendly materials possible, our suppliers have helped us look for natural, organic, recycled alternatives whenever they exist. A treasure hunt more difficult than it seems. When we say that a product is more responsible, we mean that its raw material is either :

- French production. This is the case for the jacquards in our swimwear and the Calais lace in our lingerie.

- composed of at least 50% certified more responsible fibres such as certified recycled fibres for lingerie and certain swimwear, certified organic cotton for our bodysuits, homewear and certain beachwear pieces, fibres from eco-managed forests for nightwear.

- upcycled. This is the collection we call Act II.

And that no matter what, the material is:

- produced less than 2500 kms from Paris

- in an audited workshop

And tomorrow it will also mean that this product is either :

- from a solidarity production model. We are currently working with ESATs for our autumn-winter 2022 collection.

- integrated in a search for sustainability. Spring 2022 saw the emergence of the innovative project of a place, in Paris, dedicated to the repair of parts and second hand.


Data for our fall-winter 2022 collection


Our lingerie and swimwear collections are made in Morocco and Tunisia, our beachwear, homewear and nightwear pieces are made in Portugal, Bulgaria or Romania.

We are committed to working faithfully with the same workshops ever since our inception in 2012.

We make sure that our workshops are audited on the protection of workers' rights, (such as social responsibility policies, freedom of association, working hours and overtime, non-discrimination, prohibition of child labor and forced labor, special protection for young workers, payment of a minimum wage, measures to ensure health and safety in the workplace, environmental protection, and no precarious employment).

Nos engagements RSE EN
Nos engagements RSE EN


Ysé Corbeille L'aurore Noir


We have always chosen to produce cautiously. We don't want to disappoint you when some of our favorite pieces run out: we prefer to re-produce rather than over-produce.

Because we are sometimes a little too optimistic about buying certain products, we have twice-yearly "reasonable sales". We never produce stock to sell out, but on the contrary: we only sell out our buying mistakes. Maximum 30% discount on the last pieces we have in stock.

A few meters of lace here, a pretty microfiber there ... once a year, we go around our partner workshops to recover some of the materials we have in stock and create beautiful upcycled novelties that we call Act II. To not lose anything and to sublimate everything.

The very last pieces that have not found a buyer are given to the association Arcat which organizes an annual sale in aid of the fight against HIV.


Doing the right thing also means thinking about the best way to transport your favorites: that's why we have banned air transport from our transport options and favor road transport.



To be more respectful of nature: all our packaging are recyclable, from eco-managed forests or recycled. Like you, we believe that we can go even further and we are looking for solutions with our suppliers for a 100% recycled packaging.

Since this year we propose to you to receive in your parcel only the essential, your products, your order form and that's all. We have also stopped to put an underwear bag in your orders.

We work hand in hand with our logistics partner for a responsible management of waste in our warehouse.

Ysé Corbeille Culotte Crépuscule Gris cendre et Corbeille Culotte L'aurore Ivoire Duo


It's not a choice (our doors are open!) but we are for the moment only women at Ysé. Women who have at heart to celebrate women, their rights, their victories, their strengths, their initiatives, their plurality too.

In 2018, we launched 'The Body at Heart" and this involves multiple actions: cups without artificial padding, tweaks in every size from A to E cup, models of plural types and body shapes, unretouched pictures. Ysé goes beyond the trend... these fundamentals are our original and enduring values.

In 2019, we launched our Intimacy podcast to give women a voice. The opportunity to listen to intimate, sensitive, sensual testimonies on subjects that are often a little too taboo and have a singular resonance for each of us. Illness sometimes, maternity for some, intense sport... A new initiative to help you progress on the path of love for our body.

Since September 2021, we started working hand in hand with the association Rêv'elles. Rêv'elles, designs and implements educational programs to inspire, motivate and support young girls aged 14 to 20 in their professional and personal development. So that each young girl, whatever their social background, can be able to dream, choose and take ownership of her life.

Since November 2021, Ysé has signed the Parental Challenge: a project aimed at implementing concrete and simple measures in the company to enable everyone to pursue their career serenely at each stage of their parenthood. Among the 48 women employees of the company, whether we are mothers or not (or not yet), whether we want to be or not, we are all obviously keen to reflect on the situation of women, to celebrate the victories in terms of acquired rights, and to take action to make them progress. We are not perfect on the subject, but we are committed to being actors of this project.


Today more than ever, we wish to move forward, with you ! If you have new ideas to help us go further, please feel free to write us at We will read your words with great enthusiasm and take your words into account.


Road transport

When a truck gets on a ship, this method is also referred to as road transport.

Audited workshop

Social audits are carried out regularly in our factories. These audits are conducted by trusted third party organizations such as BSCI or AMFORI.

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)

Is an international NGO, which for over 25 years, has been promoting ecologically appropriate forest management.


Upcycling consists in recovering materials or products that are no longer used in order to transform them into new materials or products of superior quality or utility, thus recreating value.

Organic cotton

The organically grown cotton is cultivated without synthetic products (pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers) and without GMO.

Recycled cotton

Recycled cotton is produced from recycled cotton fibers, which reduces water consumption and recycles waste.

Recycled polyester

Recycled polyester is mainly derived from recycled plastic bottles, preserving non-renewable resources and reducing waste.

Recycled polyamide

Recycled polyamide is mainly derived from production scraps, preserving non-renewable resources and reducing waste.

Responsible linen

Responsible linen is a natural material with low environmental impact. Linen is a hardy plant that requires little irrigation or chemical inputs.