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Fabrics account for up to 2/3 of the environmental impact of your clothes.

Since 2012, we've been working hard to choose more responsible fabrics for our lingerie and wardrobe.

In other words, the collection is made from recycled fibres (50% minimum), organic fibres, fabrics manufactured in France, upcycled fabrics or fabrics from eco-managed forests.

Nos engagements Ysé
Nos engagements Ysé
Nos engagements Ysé


We love magnifying the labels on our lingerie.
Ysé has always maintained very close relationships with its Tier 1 partners (fabric manufacturers) and Tier 2 partners (suppliers of fabrics and accessories).
But making sure (and showing you) that our lingerie has nothing to hide means going back even further.
That's why we've decided to work with Fairly Made on the traceability of most of our products.

Thanks to Fairly Made, we can now be sure that every stage in the value chain respects our commitment to close imports. If this is not the case, we initiate discussions with suppliers to change the situation.

They help us calculate the environmental impact (carbon, water, energy, toxicity) of our products, from raw material to end-of-life. This is known as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). We are tracking it, and tomorrow we aim to reduce it.

In short, to make more informed and responsible purchases.


Because we can: we've opted for close import.

All our fabrics, accessories and elastics are made in Europe or around the Mediterranean basin
. The farthest we go is Turkey.

We have always worked with the best partners, as close to us as possible, in Morocco and Tunisia, for their tailoring expertise, in Portugal, for their exceptional cotton work, and in Bulgaria and Romania, for garments that fit to perfection.

Our only exception is the manufacture of our baskets (less than 1% of our products). We work with a workshop in Madagascar to make the most of their unrivalled craftsmanship, which of course respects our environmental and social requirements.

Together, we are committed to doing better, as well as possible.

Doing better also means not (over)doing it. We have always opted for cautious production. We only produce what we think we can sell, based on a detailed analysis of sales data. We prefer to re-produce rather than over-produce.


Because every step counts, to get our products to our warehouse, we have said NO to air transport. A commitment that will not change.

During transport (and storage), our products need to be protected. Most of this protection is made of plastic. As much as possible, we encourage its reuse and recycling.

When it comes to sending your parcels or store orders, we go for the essentials: your products, a tissue paper, a sticker and sometimes a postcard, and that's it! All in packaging designed down to the smallest detail to limit its impact: certified from sustainably managed forests or recycled, designed in Europe, and adapted to the size of our products.


Because always doing better is in our DNA, our aim is to achieve 95% more responsible products by 2025.

We are also committed to eliminating plastic by 2025. From spring/summer 2024, we will be removing plastic from our product labels.

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