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100% of our workshops have passed a social audit on the protection of workers' rights, with the requirement of a very good score according to the BSCI, WCA, SMETA or ICS standards.

These audits take into account social responsibility policies, freedom of association, working hours and overtime, non-discrimination, prohibition of child and forced labour, special protection for young workers, payment of a minimum wage, measures to guarantee health and safety in the workplace, protection of the environment, and no precarious employment.


It's important to us to do our bit to break away from the smoothed-out, normative representation of women's bodies by promoting diversity in all its forms.

Ysé goes beyond the trend... these fundamentals are our original and enduring values.


We work with associations to support women's entrepreneurship beyond the confines of the company.

With Rêv'elles, we provide financial support and mentoring to young girls aged 14 to 20 to help them achieve professional and personal fulfilment. So that every young girl, whatever her social background, can dream, choose and take charge of her own life.

With H.A.W.A au féminin and our Seconde vie project, we are helping to reintegrate women who are far removed from the labour market. They are trained to break their social isolation and gain autonomy and financial independence through a unique project promoting sustainable development.


Our team is made up of strong, passionate women who support each other and move forward with collective intelligence.

In November 2021, Ysé signed the Parental Act: a project aimed at implementing concrete and simple measures in companies to enable everyone to pursue their careers serenely at every stage of parenthood. Among the women employed by Ysé, whether we are mothers or not (or not yet), whether we want to be or not, we are all obviously keen to reflect on the situation of women, to celebrate the victories we have won in terms of acquired rights, and to take action to improve them. We're still far from perfect, but we're committed to being active players in this project.

We also offer internal and external training opportunities.


Because always doing better is in our DNA, we are working on setting up micro-donations.

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