Spring sales






Always on the move, we want lingerie that's just as supple. 

Nouveau Monde gets into the dance, follows your tempo and promises to make itself very small. 

With these one-piece sets: no seams, no demarcation. 

Simply a fabric made from recycled fibres. Delicately ribbed and infinitely soft.

For those who want full coverage, the French microfibre of Corps et Âme lies softly and comfortably against your skin. We've also given it the soul that makes a lingerie set stand out: lace trims and flattering cuts that add a sigh of sensuality to this Essential.

This lingerie is as close to a second-skin as it gets : nude-ish, in tulle and microfibre, and perfectly supported, as we designed it with your body in mind.

Histoire de Femmes comes in a multitude of shapes.

Made for all body types, as close to your skin tone as possible, as close to you as possible.